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In order to have successful and enjoyable meets, we need lots of support! Last year our team filled over 500 volunteer shifts. With a home meet requiring about 100 volunteers, it is truly amazing what we accomplish together. Let's make it another successful Stingray season! Ideally, each family volunteers for 1/2 shift per meet.

*If you are new and are concerned you won't know what to do, don't worry. We can quickly train you to be a timer, runner, concession worker or whatever you choose to volunteer for!


  • Volunteer sign-up is handled online through Swimtopia. Click here for instructions on how to sign up though Swimtopia.
  • An email will be sent out when sign-ups become available.
  • No changes can be made after 5pm on Thursday prior to the swim meet. If you are unable to work the shift you signed up for you will need to find a replacement if possible and notify a volunteer coordinator.


  • Check-in your swimmer at the age group tent.
  • Check-in with the volunteer coordinators to get shift credit and get entered into the drawing!
  • Attend a pre-meet meeting if volunteering for Timer, Stroke Judge, Exchange Judge, or Ready Bench.
  • Listen to announcements for first to second shift transition if working 2nd shift.
  • Don't miss your swimmer(s) events. Just let someone you're working with know you're going and cheer on your child(ren).
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Position Descriptions

ANNOUNCER The Announcer is responsible for calling the event number, age group, gender, and event name so that the swimmers will know when to report to the ready bench. COMPUTER ASSISTANTS The computer assistant position volunteers for the entire meet and assists the computer rep with the dolphin timing system. The spotter stays poolside and confirms to the computer table when all swimmers have completed the race.

CONCESSIONS The Concessions volunteers prepare and sell food to attendees at home meets only. First shift includes set up, and second shift includes clean up. There is also a griller position for grilling food for concessions, and a water carrier position to deliver water to meet volunteers and coaches.

DATA VERIFICATION Scorer volunteers check the results of each race after the Computer volunteers prepare them to ensure that the final results accurately reflect the data gathered by the Timers and/or the Dolphin timing system. Verifiers also ensure that any disqualifications (DQs) are properly reflected in the results.

EXCHANGE JUDGE An Exchange Judge’s responsibility is to observe exchanges during relays to determine their compliance with league requirements. This position requires brief training. (Position usually combined with set-up or take down.

HEAT RIBBON DISTRIBUTION The Heat Ribbon volunteer is responsible for handing out a black Heat Ribbon to the swimmer(s) who finish(es) first in each heat at home meets only.

LANE TIMER The Timer volunteers use a stopwatch to keep accurate time of the swimmers in the lane to which they are assigned. Timers also verify that the event card/sheet is correct for their lane, swimmer and event.

MEET SET UP/TAKE DOWN This volunteer position requires you to arrive at the meet early to set up or stay after the meet ends to clean up. Home meet set up/take down consists of setting up/taking down tents and ready benches and getting the pool and deck ready for the meet. Away meet set up/take down includes setting up/taking down the tents, tables, and any equipment.

PARKING The Parking volunteers arrive early at the meet to set up parking cones and direct cars to available parking for home meets only.

PHOTOGRAPHER The meet Photographer documents the home swim meets by taking photos of swimmers, coaches, volunteers and parents before and during the meet as well as team photo and creates an end of season slideshow for the banquet.

READY BENCH Ready Bench volunteers organize the swimmers into the proper heat and lane as they are ready to swim their event.

RIBBONS Ribbons volunteers are responsible for attaching race results stickers to place ribbons and filing the ribbons in the family folders.

RUNNER The Runner is responsible for obtaining the completed event cards, sheets and disqualification (DQ) slips for each race from the Lane Timers and judges, and then delivering the cards, sheets and DQ slips to the Scoring volunteers for home meets only. Runner is a fast-paced job and requires the volunteer to move quickly around the pool deck for several hours.

STARTER The Starter starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words 'Swimmers take your marks', then pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle. The Starter is also the sole judge of false starts and all false starts shall be restarted. This position requires training.

STROKE JUDGE A Stroke Judge’s responsibility is to observe strokes, turns, touches and finishes to determine their compliance with league requirements. This position requires training.

HEAD STROKE JUDGE The Head Stroke Judge’s responsibility is to conduct the Stroke and Exchange Judge meeting at the beginning of the meet to give instructions to the judges. The Head Stroke Judge also serves in the same capacity of a regular Stroke Judge during the meet, observing strokes, turns, touches and finishes to determine their compliance with league requirements.

TENT PARENT The Tent Parent is responsible for lining up swimmers for their events and escorting them to the Ready Bench; ensuring swimmers return to the tent after they swim their event; escorting swimmers to the bathroom; tracking swimmers as they leave and enter the tent; and ensuring swimmers’ safety while in the tent.

TENT/EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT The Tent/Equipment Transport volunteers are responsible for picking up the tents and equipment from storage the day before an away meet and transporting them to the meet the next day. This requires a large vehicle. Tent Transport volunteers also assist the Meet Set Up/Take Down volunteers with tent assembly. After the meet, the Tent Transport volunteers assist the Meet Set Up/Take Down volunteers with taking down the tents, and then transport the tents and equipment back to storage.  

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